Latest Kennedy Black Wealth Management Quarterly Private Client Newsletter

Please see below a link to February 2011’s Quarterly Private Client Newsletter from Kennedy Black Wealth Management.

In this edition, we focus on some year end tax planning topics such as ISAs and Capital Gains Tax planning.  The first article outlines how stocks and shares ISAs are almost as tax efficient as pensions – and since we all should recognise the tax benefits of pensions, perhaps ISAs are a little undervalued as a financial planning tool.

Furthermore, we conclude with a topic that comes up time and again with clients – investing for children.  This seems to be particularly topical since the Child Trust Fund has been scrapped and its replacement, the Junior ISA, is still only in the pipeline.  Yet even these wrappers have limitations and there are several important tax points that parents should be aware of if they want to ensure tax-free investment growth on behalf of their children.

Click here to access the February 2011 edition in pdf format (requires Adobe Reader).

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