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What constitutes GOOD ADVICE?

Two interesting meetings recently have touched on similar points, and I felt that the answer was important enough to warrant a more detailed explanation on our website.   These conversations boiled down to the same two questions: What is advice? And is it worth paying for?   Both conversations were with new clients where the starting point was an investment portfolio. And in both cases the conversation moved onto...

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Quarterly Private Client Newsletter: December 2014

Welcome to the twentieth edition of the Kennedy Black Quarterly Private Client Newsletter.   In this edition, we focus on why proper financial planning is important and worth paying for.   This month has also seen George Osborne's Autumn Statement, which we summarise briefly.   Finally, we include the tenth and final 'irrational behaviour' in our series, wrapping things up with perhaps the most duplicitous of all: Hindsight Bias.   ┬áDecember 2014 KBWM...

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