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Ros Altmann: The New Pensions Minister

The election took most people by surprise, not least Baroness Ros Altmann who was swiftly invited to the post of Pensions Minister.   Baroness Altmann is a well-known figure in the pension community and the industry broadly applauded the appointment. It is good to see someone with direct pensions experience given responsibility for our ever- more-complex pensions system.   It is also encouraging to note that Baroness Altmann agrees with our...

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Summary of 2015 Budget

View image | This was touted as the 'most political' Budget in years, and it didn't disappoint on that front. Stronger growth and falling unemployment proved too good an opportunity for the Chancellor to miss.   In fact, what that meant for the poor viewers was more than 30 minutes of economic 'preamble' as an introduction to one of the longest Budgets that I can remember (at more than...

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KBWM Model Portfolios – investment performance report (to 31st December 2014)

RECENTLY UPDATED: to 31/12/2014   Please see below the updated performance figures for three of our risk-rated model portfolios. These model portfolios typically form the cornerstone of our clients' investment portfolios.   We will continue to update this information on a half-yearly basis.   We compare performance against what we consider to be the leading industry benchmarks with comparable risk profiles.   If you would like to find out how your own investments have...

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