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The Six Rules of Asset Bubbles

As the price of one Bitcoin soared past $7,000 yesterday evening, we thought we should dig out the following article from of the archives (originally posted in December 2013) to maintain some perspective. It is our slightly contrarian approach to asset bubbles:   The Six Rules of Asset Bubbles Asset bubbles are highly topical at the moment with bubbles supposedly developing in London property, contemporary art and US...

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“IF… you can keep your head while all around are losing theirs”

2016 has started in spectacularly poor fashion, eerily reminiscent of 2008 – a story that didn’t end well.   In the furore of doom-and-gloom headlines, we prefer to ask a slightly more unorthodox question: How does it make you feel?   If all this uncertainty* makes you feel anxious then you should try to go back to basics and follow these three rules:   1. Understand your risk tolerance: research from...

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