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Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) performance – the emperor or the elephant?

We monitor financial markets on an ongoing basis, and one of the tasks we undertake regularly is to compare the performance of our client's portfolios against a variety of benchmarks.   We have been doing this for more than eight years, and over that time, one theme has emerged with surprising consistency - the woeful performance of discretionary fund managers (DFMs).   DFMs are companies that manage client portfolios...

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I’m paying HOW MUCH for my investments?

Much like peeling an onion, financial services can make one's eyes water. Particularly when it comes to costs, which have traditionally been buried under layer upon layer.   Thankfully, the onion that is financial services in the UK has already had a number of layers peeled off over the years. Initially, through commission disclosure ('this is how much we make from you'); then the transition from commission...

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